May 1, 2010
    I have now completed my book, The Colonel's Lady, Book I, the joint, posthumous memoir of my parents, Mildred Moore Nixon (Midge) and The Rev. Eugene Lewis Nixon (Gene). My father, an Episcopal priest, served as Division Chaplain in the Eighth Division, 3rd Army, under General George S. Patton. (Book II will be The Fighting Chaplain, telling the story of the chaplain who became a trained Army Ranger with his men, and was later awarded Bronze Stars in the hedgerows of France and at the Battle of the Bulge .)
    I am currently seeking a literary agent to represent this project, and am hoping for it to be matched with a mainstream publisher. This is an important story, based on the hundreds of daily letters Midge and Gene sent back and forth to each other during the war. It is both a war story and a poignant love story, told by the lovers separated by war, trying desperately to cling to each other across the miles. There was also a villain, surprisingly another chaplain, whose exploits at times complicated their lives.
    I will update this Journal as events evolve. Wish me luck!
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