September 29, 2009
    I took a break from writing this summer, to really relax and get away. First I went on a Carnival cruise in July, on the ship Fascination, to Key West and Nassau, with a few close friends. We had an enjoyable trip, a truly bon voyage, and especially enjoyed the Butterfly Garden and Nature Conservatory in Key West, a special and unique experience. Then I took off on my own to Havana, Cuba, to participate in the Second Annual Christian Music Festival at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, the first week of August. That was an amazing experience, singing in Spanish, though I don't speak much Spanish. As long as I have the words in front of me, my pronunciation is good, though I sometimes don't understand what I'm singing! I met many new and wonderful friends, as well as being happily reunited with some I hadn't seen in years. They want me back next year for the Third Annual Festival, and I'd love to go. We'll see!
    My progress with my current major writing project is this: What I thought at first would be an historical novel based on my parents' letters to each other during World War II has turned into two books, in the form of a posthumous memoir, with my parents telling their own story through their letters. I am nearing the end of Book I, which covers July of 1942 through August of 1943. I have written 527 double spaced pages as of today, and that is 155,356 words! The books are much more than a war story, as you get the perspective not only of my father, a chaplain in General George S. Patton's 3rd Army, but of his wife, "holding down the fort" on the home front and raising their four young children on her own. Their love shines through their letters, and sustains them through those difficult years of separation. Back to work!
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