The Taming of Corky, Author House, 2001
Nine-year-old Corky manages to miraculously survive the plane crash that kills his parents and everyone else aboard. He faces a struggle for his life in the freak snowstorm that downed the plane, alone in a vast wilderness. A chance meeting with Jan Whittier several months later determines both their fates, and whether or not Corky can be "tamed."
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Life and Things Like Rocks, Exposition Press, 1976
A compilation of poetry and short stories from Jane's students.
Centennial History of St. Paul's-By-The-Sea, St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1987
A commissioned history of a local church to celebrate their 100th anniversary.
Doctoral Dissertation: A Comparative Study of the Effects of a Token Economy Program on the Achievement, Behavior, and Attitude of Middle School Students, University of North Florida, 1995