Did you always want to be a writer?
    I think I've always been a writer, since my first scribbles as a toddler. I did go through a phase as a young teenager when I thought I might become an actress ( I starred in my senior high musical) or a missionary to Africa (so I could meet Tarzan). The reason I remember these ideas so vividly? I still have the diary I wrote in high school. See? I was writing even then. And I didn't make it to Africa (yet), but have been on several mission trips to Cuba.
Do you like being a writer?
    I absolutely love it! I can set my own schedule, wear whatever feels comfortable, and take breaks and vacations whenever I want to. I meet interesting people when I want to, and also have my quiet time and privacy when I need it. It's perfect!
Do you miss teaching?
    Sometimes, especially when I'm remembering special students I've taught. I bump into them occasionally, "out in the world," and I love to hear how and what they're doing. But think about it: 38 years were wonderful years, and I taught literally thousands of students and loved doing it, but that's enough!